Monthly Archives: January 2014

Canada: 26 years with NO Abortion Law.

Tomorrow marks a sad anniversary in Canada: 26 years with no abortion law. On January 28th, 1988, the supreme court of Canada struck down the existing abortion law that required women to get permission from therapeutic abortion committees that all too often rubber stamped the approval for a doctor’s request to kill an unborn child. […]

Greetings to all our new neighbours!

A few months ago the staff at Victoria Commons told me the Phase 1 townhomes should be move-in ready for late-February or early-March.  At the current pace of construction it looks like the project is on track to finish on time. Here at Grace Lutheran Church we have been praying for you and your move […]

Grace Lutheran Church looks forward to welcoming our new neighbours!

A large, new community is being constructed beside Grace.  For many years, the site was occupied by a tannery and a panel veneer factory, but has sat vacant for over two decades.  Now, as Kitchener transitions to a high-tech hub from its more industrial roots, Queensgate Developments is constructing a hip, modern, new urbanisation community. […]

Pastor’s Epiphany message

Dear Reader, Epiphany is the season of the church after Christmas.  Epiphany comes from a Greek word which means to “shine” or to “reveal.”  In these days after Christmas when the chocolate and candy bowl at home never seems to empty the scale is revealing that my weight is creeping up as I enjoy all […]