Happy Labour Day

Happy Labour Day to all our neighbours in Kitchener-Waterloo!

To all students at University of Waterloo, Wilfrid Laurier and Conestoga College, welcome to K-W if you are new and we hope your first week of studies goes well. If you would like a ride to Grace this Sunday or any Sunday we’d love to help you make it to us for worship. Leave us a voicemail with your contact information at 519-742-7431 by Thursday at 5PM and we’ll get back to you to arrange your ride.

To our new Victoria Commons neighbours in the first condo building, welcome to Kitchener and your new home. We hope you enjoy living in the neighbourhood and we’d love to meet you and get to know you.

Grace Lutheran Church is a Christian, Protestant church and a member church of Lutheran Church-Canada. We are a Bible-believing church who hold the Holy Bible as without error, fully authoritative and divinely inspired. Central to our life together is hearing God’s word (the Bible) and receiving God’s sacraments. We worship following a liturgy which is a pattern of worship whereby our hearing, speaking, singing and prayer are centred around passages of the Holy Bible. For more about us and our worship please see the rest of this website.

Sunday mornings begin at 9:30AM with Sunday School, High School Bible study and Adult Bible study, followed by worship (the Divine Service) at 10:45AM.

We are located at 136 Margaret Avenue in Kitchener at the intersection of Margaret Avenue and Louisa Street. Our parking lot is located off Louisa Street.

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